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Personal Attention

Each client is valued equally as the next, we call this the “R2 Gold Standard” Ravens Rock focuses on ONE client (or family unit) at a time and devotes 100% full attention to that client whether on the phone or in person. There are NO interruptions, we value your time!


Financial Planning - Our 6 Step Process

  1. Establish the Client Planner Engagement
  2. Establish Objectives and Gather Data
  3. Clarify present status and identify problems and opportunities
  4. Identify appropriate strategies and present plan
  5. Implement the plan
  6. Monitor and Update

Customized Financial Plan

Every client engagement begins with the 6 step Financial Planning Process and will receive a customized “Letter of Engagement” outlining the specifics of the relationship.



Specialized & Professional Back Office Team

Ravens Rock is supported with a full back office team to ensure our clients needs are met in a timely manner once the client engagement commences. From start to finish our clients rest easy knowing they’re in good hands.


Ravens Rock Is YOUR Quarterback!

We build the team of professional and accredited specialists to get our clients the expertise they require; we either work with our clients existing professional support advisors or we bring on the necessary accountants and/ or lawyers to fill the niche.