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Generation X

A generation of street-smart progeny of parents who were career driven or divorced; a generation nick named the “Latch Key Kids” because most returned home from school to an empty house.

Gen Xers are typically entrepreneurial, very individualistic where Government and Big Business means little to them. They prefer to save the neighbourhood, not so much the world which is why they usually feel so misunderstood from other generations. Most Gen Xers remember being in school without computers until middle or high school. The quest for learning is a constant thread shared amongst the Xers who tend to commit to self rather than a company or specific career; hence an average of 7 career changes throughout their lifetime.

Unlike previous generations, they feel that it’s not natural to work for a single company for life. Raised by career values and money conscious Boomers amidst the societal disappointment over governmental authority and the Vietnam war their typical high school problems were mostly about drugs or labels and brand names, which is why you found many segregated groups loitering in the cafeteria on a spare.

Gen Xers are Cautious, skeptical, unimpressed with authority and self-reliant. Short on loyalty & wary of commitment; all values are relative. They feel that they ‘must’ tolerate all sorts of humans Self-absorbed and suspicious of organizations, Gen Xers are Survivors!

Generation X makes up more than one-quarter of the Canadian population (26%), which makes it the second smallest of the major generations observed in Canada (Millennials sit at 33%, Boomers at 34% and Seniors at 8%). Gen Xers are arguably the best-educated generation with 35 percent having obtained a college degree. Generation X is often focused on getting the best products for the best prices and are the most loyal consumers of any generation once you show them your worth.

You are knee deep in your career and your kids are growing or have grown right before your eyes. You sometimes catch yourself thinking or even whispering to your significant other “Where has the time gone?” or “Was high school THAT long ago?” You reminisce the highlight reel when you hear that 80’s tune play in on the radio. You may not like it or even accept it, but you have officially arrived at the proverbial “Mid-Life Crisis” point!

You are not quite ready to retire yet so Ravens Rock delves into where you should be at this time of your families lives and professionally reassures you are on track to a prosperous retirement.


Family and Finances a Modern-day Balancing Act

Ravens Rock works with Gen Xers who typically have gotten by so far without any major obstacles, however they are looking for professional guidance and seeking assurance with getting them closer to their goals. We explore acute areas of household budgeting, expense mitigation, tax planning and general household financial health.


Career Navigation

Such a GREAT topic to explore, Gen Xer’s are typically well established in their careers at this stage of life. Although having moved from several jobs to get them to this point, they have certainly learned a lot: albeit the old school way. Ravens Rock’s President can relate all to well as he is a Gen Xer himself. This area of conversation and planning focuses on employment group benefits and how to maximize and leverage the most from them. We teach you the ins and outs, the advantages, and pitfalls of the complex intricacies of the wording and various coverages. In a nutshell we explain to you in layman terms what is in your benefits booklet. Ravens Rock makes sure you get the biggest bang for your contribution dollars!


Building Blocks of Financial Security

What is financial planning without establishing a solid foundation for the building blocks of yours and your family’s future? We uncover what you are presently doing, where you want to be and how your family dynamic fits within that lifestyle. We explore and educate you in the areas of Life Insurance, Critical Illness & Disability Insurance, RSP’s TFSA’s and other financial instruments. We take the complicated aspects completely out of the equation and focus 100% on what your needs are, and we keep the process remarkably simple for you to follow.


Get Started With Establishing An Emergency Fund

What Our Generation-Xs Say

The following are just some of the many testimonials we have received over the years. The greatest gift we can receive is the introduction to your friends or family

Debbie B

“I have had the pleasure of working together with Chris for nearly 20 years. I have watched his business grow along with my retirement savings. Chris goes above and beyond. He always stays in touch adding that personal touch. Every year when we have our financial check up, he takes the time to explain things and answer my same questions for the umpteen time. I have every confidence that my money and future are safe in Chris’ hands”

Rebecca S

“Christopher Rovert has been a big help with my investments for the future. We’ve sought his business advice for approximately 15 years. He has advised me throughout my divorce and into the present. I am not a very high-risk taker, and Christopher has a system to make sure we are comfortable with our decisions. He does not pressure anyone into investing beyond our means. I am very pleased with how my investments have grown steadily, and the continued support Christopher provides.”

Maria D

“Chris Rovert has been my financial advisor for the past 5 years and I look forward to many more years of his consulting. He has consistently shown excellence in understanding my investment requirements and the market’s investment options, despite my skepticism. I needed to have easy access to savings, while ensuring sufficient diversity and growth for my risk profile. He is very responsive to my questions and my requests to cash in some investments. I thank him for painlessly setting up my portfolio and for managing it successfully.”

Ceone L

“Chris’ knowledge and advice ensured that my Grandmother was able to live the life she wanted and deserved without having to worry about money. I cannot say thank you enough! Last year I was talking with a friend who had chosen to switch to Chris as well. She was jokingly complaining that she was upset that she had to pay taxes because Chris had done so well with her investments that she made too much money. Oh, what a terrible thing, making too much money! It doesn’t matter if you are a big investor or a small investor, to Chris you are an equal Client, and he does his best for all.”

Dean J

“Ravens Rock has taken the worry out of planning for our future and our retirement. Chris has provided the right balance of protection and savings to easily achieve all of our goals present and future. We find them knowledgeable and very easy to work with.”

Our Process

Developed over many years of practical experience our process follows the simple guidelines of Understanding and Discovery, Collaboration, Review and Implementation. Last but not forgotten, the key to our successful relationships is the Follow Up and Scheduled Reviews.

Step 01
Understanding & Discovery

  • R Initial Meeting
  • R Information Gathering
  • R Goal Setting

Step 02

  • R Build The Team
  • R Detailed Analysis
  • R Recommendations
  • R Build The Solution

Step 03
Review & Implementation

  • R Disclosure
  • R Report Finding
  • R Present Solution
  • R Highlight Benefits
  • R Impliment

Need To Know More?

Reach out to us so we can schedule a discovery meeting at a time and date of your convenience.