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These are the echo boomers, they are revered for being the optimistic and focused generation. They grew up in a digital environment and have never known a world without computers so virtually all their information and most of their social interaction is through digital online means. Millennials love to work in groups or specialized teams and with unlimited access to information; they tend to be more assertive with stronger views than that of previous generations.
You have flown the coup several years ago, you have a great post secondary education and are now in the beginning stages of you your professional career; some of you have already started a young family. One thing seems to be lacking though which has been on your thoughts for a little while, the ability to connect the financial planning dots.

Ravens Rock recognized this minor shortcoming several years ago; so, to assist you we established a ‘Millennial Advisory Board’ to learn more of what is important for your generation and how to guide these smart, fascinating, and entrepreneurial minded Canadians.

We have listened and have built unique strategies around your exclusive stage of life and we are here to share them all with you.


Getting Started

Getting Started

The most critical aspect of planning for your financial security future is to START, and start immediately, time waits for no one and nor should you. There is a plethora of information floating around the information superhighway and it can be somewhat confusing or conflicting. Ravens Rock helps you zero in on YOUR needs, YOUR unique situation and guides you with proper sound financial advice.


Family Planning

Family Planning

You are at a critical stage of the financial planning process; most Millennials have allowed their financial planning to take a back seat since the pitter patter of little feet now sound on the hard wood floors. Your financial planning does not have to stop or even slow down, we show you creative ways to manage the intricate balancing act.


Making Millennial Millionaires

Making Millennial Millionaires

We have developed the Ravens Rock Millennial Maneuver (R²M²) wealth strategy. This concept is revered amongst our Millennial clients since the mechanics of the process is so simple, so easily understandable, and so ridiculously easy to follow that they have said it should be taught in schools. We show you how to make ‘money’ your best friend, your invisible behind the scenes wealth-making machine and your dream making achiever.


Get Started With Establishing An Emergency Fund

This generation envision the world as a 24/7 place; they want and expect fast and immediate processing. Millennials prefer aligning themselves with companies committed to social causes and by turning those products and services into an experience that they will want to tell and share with their friends. Lastly, and not forgotten Millennials love to travel, are driven by social causes, and are concerned with making a difference in the world.

What Our Millennials Say

The following are just some of the many testimonials we have received over the years. The greatest gift we can receive is the introduction to your friends or family

Annaliese V

Christopher from Ravens Rock has worked with my husband and I now for the last 8 years and with each new chapter for our growing family, Christopher has always put the wellbeing of our family front and centre when helping us understand and choose the most appropriate insurance to meet our specific needs. We greatly appreciate his exceptional knowledge and expertise; it has made the process easy to understand and allowed us to select policies that we were confident in.

Blair H

When it comes to investments and life insurance policy, it was the most challenging, undesirable, and nerve-racking decision to navigate. For years, Chris at Ravens Rock has guided us through choosing the best plan for personal investments that have proven to be successful providing excellent returns within our desired risk level and flexibility. Chris is honest and down to earth, there is no pressure, and he explains everything in detail to ensure full disclosure and no misunderstanding. We’re glad to have met Chris and look forward to a continued relationship for many more years to come. Thank you!

Tyra H

“I have been working together with Chris for about 4 years now and as an individual who came to him with no investment knowledge, he was very thorough and helpful. He explained to me the exact process and we worked together to figure out what the best option for me was. Now 4 years later, Chris is there whenever I need to reach out and he always updates me with any new information regarding my investments. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone wanting to feel “taken care of”

Our Process

Developed over many years of practical experience our process follows the simple guidelines of Understanding and Discovery, Collaboration, Review and Implementation. Last but not forgotten, the key to our successful relationships is the Follow Up and Scheduled Reviews.

Step 01
Understanding & Discovery

  • R Initial Meeting
  • R Information Gathering
  • R Goal Setting

Step 02

  • R Build The Team
  • R Detailed Analysis
  • R Recommendations
  • R Build The Solution

Step 03
Review & Implementation

  • R Disclosure
  • R Report Finding
  • R Present Solution
  • R Highlight Benefits
  • R Impliment

Need To Know More?

Reach out to us so we can schedule a discovery meeting at a time and date of your convenience.