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Generation Z

Set yourself up for the future

Make Your Money Work For You

So you’re finishing up high school and exploring post secondary education. You are getting ready to move out or you have already done so; you have spread your wings and you are ready to have freedom. But no one has really shown you the ropes of what to do with your money.

At Raven’s Rock we help you make your money work for you. With our tailored plans for Gen Z we’ll help guide you to reach your financial goals.


Managing Expenses

Managing Expenses

We understand your generation is very unique and is faced with different challenges than that of your predecessors, so we have custom tailored a unique pathway to manage expenses and day to day financial expectations from a holistic point of view. A new GREEN approach to achieving your goals.


Starting out, What you need to know.

Starting out, What you need to know.

We teach you ways to be self reliant, how to put in place financial safety nets for the uncontrollable events in your lives and we assist you with becoming financial independent. We help map out the way, your way with what is most important to you.


Savings! What to do and HOW to do it

Savings! What to do and HOW to do it

This is “The Talk” that maybe your parents explained to you, but you just were not ready at the time. Ravens Rock dives into the very basics of establishing financial goals, whether that be short or medium term. We coach you on budgets, and the importance of why they need to be adhered to. Lastly, we start you off on a comprehensive saving strategy to put you head and shoulders above other iGen’s who have not taken the proverbial 1st step with their financial future.


Get Started With Establishing An Emergency Fund

What Our GenZs Say

The following are just some of the many testimonials we have received over the years. The greatest gift we can receive is the introduction to your friends or family

Annaliese V

Christopher from Ravens Rock has worked with my husband and I now for the last 8 years and with each new chapter for our growing family, Christopher has always put the wellbeing of our family front and centre when helping us understand and choose the most appropriate insurance to meet our specific needs. We greatly appreciate his exceptional knowledge and expertise; it has made the process easy to understand and allowed us to select policies that we were confident in.

Blair H

When it comes to investments and life insurance policy, it was the most challenging, undesirable, and nerve-racking decision to navigate. For years, Chris at Ravens Rock has guided us through choosing the best plan for personal investments that have proven to be successful providing excellent returns within our desired risk level and flexibility. Chris is honest and down to earth, there is no pressure, and he explains everything in detail to ensure full disclosure and no misunderstanding. We’re glad to have met Chris and look forward to a continued relationship for many more years to come. Thank you!

Ruth L

Chris has been my financial advisor for over 10 years now. I have found him very efficient and knowledgeable in the products he offers. He suggested alternatives to me on my investments that are in my best interest. I am very pleased with the outcome of these investments. I find Chris is reliable at returning calls within a short period of time and responds to my requests immediately. He is a very trustworthy agent.

John and Sofia H

We decided to remove my pension from my employer and have Raven Rock manage our funds. We met with Chris and discussed our options. We decided to go with Ravens Rock, Chris arranged our funds transfer and set up our pension. Chris was excellent when ever we had a question or concern, he was quick to respond with the answers we needed. We also recommended Ravens Rock to a few friends who have used Ravens Rock for their needs.

Tyra H

“I have been working together with Chris for about 4 years now and as an individual who came to him with no investment knowledge, he was very thorough and helpful. He explained to me the exact process and we worked together to figure out what the best option for me was. Now 4 years later, Chris is there whenever I need to reach out and he always updates me with any new information regarding my investments. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone wanting to feel “taken care of”

Debbie B

“I have had the pleasure of working together with Chris for nearly 20 years. I have watched his business grow along with my retirement savings. Chris goes above and beyond. He always stays in touch adding that personal touch. Every year when we have our financial check up, he takes the time to explain things and answer my same questions for the umpteen time. I have every confidence that my money and future are safe in Chris’ hands”

Rebecca S

“Christopher Rovert has been a big help with my investments for the future. We’ve sought his business advice for approximately 15 years. He has advised me throughout my divorce and into the present. I am not a very high-risk taker, and Christopher has a system to make sure we are comfortable with our decisions. He does not pressure anyone into investing beyond our means. I am very pleased with how my investments have grown steadily, and the continued support Christopher provides.”

Maria D

“Chris Rovert has been my financial advisor for the past 5 years and I look forward to many more years of his consulting. He has consistently shown excellence in understanding my investment requirements and the market’s investment options, despite my skepticism. I needed to have easy access to savings, while ensuring sufficient diversity and growth for my risk profile. He is very responsive to my questions and my requests to cash in some investments. I thank him for painlessly setting up my portfolio and for managing it successfully.”

Ceone L

“Chris’ knowledge and advice ensured that my Grandmother was able to live the life she wanted and deserved without having to worry about money. I cannot say thank you enough! Last year I was talking with a friend who had chosen to switch to Chris as well. She was jokingly complaining that she was upset that she had to pay taxes because Chris had done so well with her investments that she made too much money. Oh, what a terrible thing, making too much money! It doesn’t matter if you are a big investor or a small investor, to Chris you are an equal Client, and he does his best for all.”

Dean J

“Ravens Rock has taken the worry out of planning for our future and our retirement. Chris has provided the right balance of protection and savings to easily achieve all of our goals present and future. We find them knowledgeable and very easy to work with.”

Candi W

“Ravens Rock…what can I say. We had no experience with a Financial Advisor, then along came Chris. We explained what we had, what we needed, sent him on his way to work his magic. He drew up a plan, explained everything to us and away we went…. best decision we ever made. Chris is understanding of all aspects of our changing situations and details the best steps to be taken to achieve our goals. So glad we found him.”

Igor and Olga K

“Since about 2010 we are getting a personal advice as he is managing our RRSP plans. And not only that, we also received valuable advice about retirement planning, life insurance and tax situations. We would recommend to any family to get a wealth/ retirement advisor; and of all advisors Chris is the best. Many times, my wife and I sat together at the table and spent time with Chris looking over our finances and future prospects. Chris and his company are highly organized, everything is getting done on time. Also, we feel and trust that he has our best interests in mind, meaning no hidden upsell or offers of some extra policies. Thank you, Chris!”

S. Drummond

“Chris is extremely knowledgeable and personable in all financial matters. He assisted my husband in getting his pension funds transferred over from the UK, which was a complicated process, but he persevered and came through for us when others we consulted did not know what to do. We are confident that we are well on track for our retirement needs. That is mostly due to Chris’ great advice. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris /Ravens Rock to anyone who wants to invest and build for their future. He goes above and beyond.”

Our Process

Developed over many years of practical experience our process follows the simple guidelines of Understanding and Discovery, Collaboration, Review and Implementation. Last but not forgotten, the key to our successful relationships is the Follow Up and Scheduled Reviews.

Step 01
Understanding & Discovery

  • R Initial Meeting
  • R Information Gathering
  • R Goal Setting

Step 02

  • R Build The Team
  • R Detailed Analysis
  • R Recommendations
  • R Build The Solution

Step 03
Review & Implementation

  • R Disclosure
  • R Report Finding
  • R Present Solution
  • R Highlight Benefits
  • R Impliment

Need To Know More?

Reach out to us so we can schedule a discovery meeting at a time and date of your convenience.